A to Z Theme Reveal 2016

This is my fifth year participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. The first two years I didn’t have a theme, at least I didn’t think I did, I just chose words that called to me for each letter and wrote a poem. Of course shadow runs through my poetry so there is typically a theme whether I say it, recognize it, or not.

This year I am going through major change and transformation. I just broke up with my partner of 13 years, in fact I’m probably still moving my things out as this post was scheduled ahead of time.

I imagine that my posts will likely have a lot to do with my transformation as I process and heal.

But… know that if you come to my blog during the A to Z challenge, most days you will be reading poetry – heartfelt, shadowy, feminine, passionate poetry.

A sample of my poetry from last year:


In our veins 
flowing through from
generation to generation
bleeding from the inside out
heart expanding outward beyond
all knowing – all feeling – all being into
eternity and mothers, daughters creating
life creating love creating between the moments
of time creating one cell into many cells into infinity
will we continue to stop the blood stop the bleeding and
damn up the women into nothing but automatons without a
mouth or heart to keep humanity thriving into the future cutting
off our limbs and sowing up our mouths to keep women from
living and loving creating only now you can see the errors of
your ways maybe before it’s all undone and we annihilate
each  other until there is  nothing left and nature takes
back what’s hers what doesn’t belong to you never
did you will have a choice  you  could  make  a
difference  or  not  and  you will go  into the
void and nature will  live  and  prosper
turning everything green again
left to its own devices
to live and

My A to Z Theme Reveal: The Ramblings and Photos of a Wild and Juicy Heart.



Do you have a theme for your A to Z posts? Did you have one before? How did it work out for you?

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Dancing the Sacred and Creation into Being.


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24 thoughts on “A to Z Theme Reveal 2016

  1. I’m sorry to hear you and your partner split up. I do like the sound of your theme though, growing and changing is something we all do through out our lives and reading about other people’s perspectives of it is always interesting. This is my 2nd challenge. I didn’t have a theme last year, I just went with whatever I fancied on the day that matched the letter. This year I am doing 100 word flash fiction on the darker side of human nature!

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