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E is for Emotions

“Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia



Photo by Morgan Dragonwillow



Like the flower in the photo above

I’m feeling overly exposed

The light is shining brightly

and I squint

and flinch

at the emotions that refuse to stay inside

my head is pounding

my belly is constantly too full

better to face them or

either my head

or belly

will explode.



I am feeling…

I am reading Soul Stories by Gary Zukav,

and I’m working on feeling my feelings.





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cropped-cropped-12642861_10208339279030169_1462129410139932727_n.jpgMorgan Dragonwillow: Poet , author of Wild Woman Waking & Dancing within Shadow, massage therapist and facilitator of magical journeys who (mostly) doesn’t let her fears get in the way of her passion for writing and creating. When she isn’t working with clients, writing or dancing, you can find her encouraging and supporting her writing community at #StoryDam#OctPoWriMo, and #PoetsonthePage
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8 Replies to “E is for Emotions”

  1. I love the opening lines . . . often we do ‘eat’ our emotions as a way of shielding ourselves from feeling. I also like the way the photo of the flower mirrors the sense of being over-exposed. Sometimes we need to confront our inner selves, those dark thoughts, those moments of honesty. But, be kind to yourself. The journey is also one of love.

  2. I like the overexposure of the picture, but yeah, that may not be the best feeling for a person.

    • Thanks, Patty, I really debated whether or not to use this photo but I finally realized it displayed what I was feeling.


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