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  1. Deepti
    Deepti at | | Reply

    Zoomed pic of flower is beautiful and so are you.
    Poem is flowing right from the heart.

    Keep penning .. 🙂

  2. Beth Camp
    Beth Camp at | | Reply

    I love the opening lines . . . often we do ‘eat’ our emotions as a way of shielding ourselves from feeling. I also like the way the photo of the flower mirrors the sense of being over-exposed. Sometimes we need to confront our inner selves, those dark thoughts, those moments of honesty. But, be kind to yourself. The journey is also one of love.

  3. Patricia Lynne
    Patricia Lynne at | | Reply

    I like the overexposure of the picture, but yeah, that may not be the best feeling for a person.

  4. Annette Harris
    Annette Harris at | | Reply

    Great post!
    Best Wishes,

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