50 Things I Will Never Do (Or I won’t do again)

I am turning 50 this year and it has me questioning everything as well as freaking out to some degree. Yes 50 is only a number but it is 50 for goodness sakes! Okay I am breathing, I am breathing. So I decided to create a series of lists of 50 things on various topics … Read more50 Things I Will Never Do (Or I won’t do again)

Just Right

Poets on the Page first mini poetry challenge for the year was this week. Amy Phelps McGrath led us through prompts that were inspired by a fairy tale, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. Cold, Hot, Big, Small, and the final one today of Just Right. This is what I came up with. What is … Read moreJust Right

Musical Musings – Get Moving Monday

I am always looking for musical inspirations and this past week my dear friend Tui Snider of Mental Mosaic posted a new song. I am thrilled to share it here with you! Here is Tui Snider singing Come to My Senses. Now go take a walk and enjoy this great weather. Well if your weather … Read moreMusical Musings – Get Moving Monday

Soul Message Two – Is this for You

I connect into the person’s higher self and my higher self to allow their soul message to stream through. Often, if not always, this message is not just for them but for others as well. We are all connected. Is this message for you? What are you really afraid of what does it matter really … Read moreSoul Message Two – Is this for You

Soul Message One – Is this for You

Every message that comes through is for more than one no matter who it was channeled for. We are all connected. Many can benefit from one message by hearing, listening to what is being expressed. Is this message for you? Sweet sister, mother, daughter, friend this message is for you. You are stepping on weeds … Read moreSoul Message One – Is this for You

Monday Musical Motivation

I am still sick with this coughing crud cooties but I thought I should at least post musical motivation that I think will start our week out right. I was led to this singer by Brett Jonas from my Story Dam team. Here is Mandisa: Good Morning, hopefully it will cheer your Monday. Have a … Read moreMonday Musical Motivation

Soul Message – Is this Message for You

Blog  Prompts  Inspiration  Creatrix  Books  News  InnerSpeak  Transformational Bodywork  A to Z challenge Soul messages are filled with love and encouragement for your journey. The soul message is meant for more than one person, those that need to hear the messages are drawn to read them. Here is the first one that came through and onto … Read moreSoul Message – Is this Message for You

Finding My Way Home

Something I struggle with – finding where I belong, where I fit in this life and a piece of this came to me the other day. Now I finally see the whole of it and I am sharing it with you. I hope you find what you are looking for and see it isn’t out … Read moreFinding My Way Home

Monday Musical Musing

I want to feel what is expressed in this Kelly Clarkson song but I don’t know if I have the energy for it. I’m feeling so drained this morning. These days, the only thing that seems to be keeping me going are my grand daughters. This song is for them. I hope they grow up … Read moreMonday Musical Musing

Woman Wake up and Dance – Magnetic Poetry

I decided to put the poetry magnets on my refrigerator today. I didn’t think I would because I like for them to be mobile, but I also like having them all separated out; nouns, adjectives, conjunctions and such. It just makes it so much easier to find what I’m looking for and also to have … Read moreWoman Wake up and Dance – Magnetic Poetry

From My Journal – I am a Warrior

What do you think when you hear those words – I am a Warrior? Do you strictly think of fighting or do you take it in a different direction of what the person has been through? Are you a Warrior? I challenge you to write what a warrior means to you. Periodically I go through … Read moreFrom My Journal – I am a Warrior

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