Thought Provoking Thursday-The Inner Divine-Feminine and Masculine Combined

Today I would like to discuss the masculine and feminine that resides in each of us. It is a curious thing to think of that we each have an inner masculine and an inner feminine.  Who are they and how do we interact with them? How did it come to be that we have them within in. Is it/are … Read moreThought Provoking Thursday-The Inner Divine-Feminine and Masculine Combined

Procrastination-Sabotaging Your Success

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Working with Shadow One Step at a Time

The purpose of working with your shadow is to discover what you have buried in your life that is preventing you from being your most authentic and creative self living your soul’s purpose. Empower your waking life and find the gold within the shadow that leads to integration and transformation with these simple steps. Living … Read moreWorking with Shadow One Step at a Time

Working With Shadow

Many people hear the term Shadow and either don’t understand or think it is something negative that they just don’t want to deal with. Yes there are things hidden within the Shadow that can be scary, but… and this is a really big but, how scary is your life right now because you don’t want to … Read moreWorking With Shadow

Changing Your Name – Why I Changed Mine

My mother named me after my Great Aunt and her son, my cousin. Most of my life I thought my name was alright but I didn’t love it. Growing up I was a frightened and shy child that practically screamed out of her pores VICTIM which carried over into my young adulthood. I definitely didn’t … Read moreChanging Your Name – Why I Changed Mine

My Shadow Journey

I have learned to move with my Shadow Rhythms, to energetically feel what it is to be in sync, and understand in the moment what is necessary for the dance. Through this process I feel empowered, extremely creative, forgiving, much self love, and very very grateful. This blog site is dedicated to all those still … Read moreMy Shadow Journey

World Healing Day

“It’s our willingness to be vulnerable that will heal us in the end.” ― Bryonie Wise   There is one holiday that, in the past, has very much bothered me and that I have refused to recognize since my understanding of its true meaning. St. Patrick’s Day. A few years ago I made a choice … Read moreWorld Healing Day

A Shadowy Day

Last night went really well with the Clutterologist. I of course couldn’t stand it and had to clean all day yesterday so the place looked fairly well when she showed up. Exhausted but happy with the outcome I was very much looking forward to my one of two days that I get to have to … Read moreA Shadowy Day

30 Shamanic Questions For Humanity

As I go through the 30 Shamanic Questions For Humanity (created by Linda Star Wolf) with my co-journeyer, I am also working with the Gaia Matrix Oracle, pulling one card for every question. It is quite interesting how that is playing out. The first card I pulled 6 Antagonists – Soul Conflict which its key … Read more30 Shamanic Questions For Humanity

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