A to Z Poetry Prompt – Critical Mass

I looked up Critical Mass and found this definition – 3. An amount or level needed for a specific result or new action to occur: “The sudden national uproar over drugs and drug abuse has reached politically critical mass in Washington” (Tom Morganthau). This seemed a good topic/prompt for today. What in your life, environment, community do you … Read moreA to Z Poetry Prompt – Critical Mass

A to Z Poetry Prompt – Blink of an Eye

It is the dark that I resonate into when I write my poetry. I move through the shadows, dancing over and under, pulling out and in. It is within a blink of an eye that time is gone. A moment not writing is a moment undiscovered. Where do your words come from? What place of … Read moreA to Z Poetry Prompt – Blink of an Eye

A to Z Poetry Prompt – Writing with Abandon

This journey of writing, letting go of expectations and writing from the heart is to allow yourself to write with abandon. I have often said that writing isn’t about getting it right but about writing your heart onto the page. I have heard time and time again from friends, “I can’t write poetry. I tried … Read moreA to Z Poetry Prompt – Writing with Abandon

Poetry Prompt 7 – Playing with Words

The creative potential for April is exponential. There are quite a few challenges going on and one of which is the yearly Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I have decided that I will post A to Z Poetry Prompts to feed two challenges at once. Yes NaPoWriMo has finally arrived or will on April … Read morePoetry Prompt 7 – Playing with Words

Poetry Prompt 6 – Playing with Words

Pushing your poetry into places yet to be explored is an important aspect to writing poetry daily, weekly or once in awhile. It seems the Shadow Poetry site is down (or at least it was at the time of creating this post) so we are going to do things a little differently today. If you … Read morePoetry Prompt 6 – Playing with Words

Poetry in the Making

Have you ever thought about creating your own poetry type? I love playing with words and this poem came into my head one line at a time. With the first verse I decided to create every verse the same there after. the jagged edges of a broken heart slowly draining away nothing tended mended or … Read morePoetry in the Making

Poetry Prompt 5 – Playing with Words

This morning I realized it was time to pick another type of poetry from Shadow Poetry and begin again. Today we will be working with the wonderful Diamante. It is actually one of my favorites to play with. I love the shape, the way they roll off the tongue, and how fun it is to … Read morePoetry Prompt 5 – Playing with Words

Writing Prompt – Key

If you had the choice to step through a door and view your past, present, or future, would you? That is what I thought of when I looked at this photo. The prompts that I seem to be geared toward are stretching and diving into the shadows of the inner self. Are you brave enough … Read moreWriting Prompt – Key

Women’s History Month – Poetry Prompt

I love new beginnings and March is one of my favorites. Spring begins this month as well as it is Women’s History Month. All of those wonderful women that paved the way for us. As you may recall my last post was Daring to be Me a challenge for you and I to be bold, be … Read moreWomen’s History Month – Poetry Prompt

Poetry Prompt – Playing with Words 5

It is a new year full of possibilities. I want to take a quick moment and tell you about a poetry challenge that is happening this year. Schmutzie.com is holding a #365Poems writing a poem a day for all of 2013. Yes we are into the 4th day of the year but you can still … Read morePoetry Prompt – Playing with Words 5

Writing Prompt – Declaration

It is the new year and you have a clean slate for the next 364 (minus the first day) days to break through the blocks in your writing. I know I am looking forward to exploring, discovering, and diving into my writing to see where it will take me this year.     Most people … Read moreWriting Prompt – Declaration

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