When Your World Turns Inside Out and Upside Down.

“living a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear Yes, I’ve been gone for a long time. I kind of checked out as I entered a new chapter in my life, singledom. Actually it was probably a combination of things, menopause, single … Read moreWhen Your World Turns Inside Out and Upside Down.

Writing Prompts – Experience Change and Open to Your Inner Writer

Are you having trouble getting your words onto the page or writing your emotions down? The power to heal yourself resides within you. You know this, we each know this deep inside. The ache that governs our lives, the ache that governs your life – you can rediscover your truth. Come with me on this … Read moreWriting Prompts – Experience Change and Open to Your Inner Writer

Fear of Poetry

You hear the word poetry and your eyes grow blank or dart from left to right looking for a way out. Flashbacks of teachers, criticism, rules… so many rules. You back away saying, “No I can’t write poetry and I have no desire to read it, thank you, but no.” I don’t know where or … Read moreFear of Poetry

Abandoned and Neglected

            It’s hard to breathe slowly moving the earth has not been shattered only the heart though it beats still a child neglected wants only love the necessities of life warm and cuddled safe but once abandoned betrayed neglected the heart cracks wide not easily mended the door begins to … Read moreAbandoned and Neglected

Shadows and Nightmares

I am the darkness deep in the shadows that nightmare you fear to tread that wakes you from a deep, deep sleep thoughts roaming the halls of your head. That place that creates a panic of “will I ever be whole again?” mirrors reflecting naked truths silent screams through your mouth in vain. “Where are … Read moreShadows and Nightmares

Looking into the Shadow

A couple of years ago I kept hearing that I needed to explore and integrate my shadow. I had no clue what that really meant. I went in search through books and the internet to discover what I could. I found this great piece “The Long Bag We Drag Behind Us” by Robert Bly (A … Read moreLooking into the Shadow

A to Z Poetry – Darkness

what is the darkness what pushes me prods me deeper and deeper fears that lie waiting for me to discover fears surround me I try to breathe feeling everything feeling nothing shoving food in my mouth numb the chaos disjointed how can anyone hold within dimensions feelings of being human how can anyone not fly … Read moreA to Z Poetry – Darkness

A to Z Poetry – Blame and Broken

Stand in rain Stand in blame Blame yourself Blame the world World gone mad World of doom Doom of madness Doom of gloom Gloom in thought Gloom to chaos Chaos and night Chaos to fright Fright of shadow Fright of love Love in need Love and self Self involved Self torment Torment and pain Torment … Read moreA to Z Poetry – Blame and Broken

A to Z Poetry – Anxious

I am feeling anxious as I explore my words knowing what may come into being one word at a time I am feeling anxious finding my voice amongst all the other voices within my head I am feeling anxious as I discover who I really am on the page I am feeling anxious knowing I … Read moreA to Z Poetry – Anxious

Poetry Day 14 – The Ways Not Clear

  Tick Tock the hickory dock riding along the way in daffodils the ways not clear children run and play   mama’s gone inside her mind never to see again the pain is real the ways not clear blood creates a stain   papa holds a pain stick now or will you choose a book … Read morePoetry Day 14 – The Ways Not Clear

Writing Poetry Day 4 – Shadow Walking

I dance with shadow daily, more than most. It is deeply entwined in my creative process. Writing, and especially writing poetry, brings the darkness to light. Most often I feel one foot here in this world and one where darkness prevails and light is hard to find. Today’s prompt on OctPoWriMo is Rules and Inspiration. I … Read moreWriting Poetry Day 4 – Shadow Walking

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