Digging in the Shadows to Find the Gold

Digging in the Shadows to Find the Gold I am mining in the darkness to uncover/discover the gold within the shadow today. Some may say, “What the heck does that mean?” well it means I am looking at what isn’t said, what people hold back, what has been suppressed.My voice was suppressed as a child. … Read more

I Choose Love

We are here to experience, then feel, and then express leading to understanding and finally love. I am not an expert on anyone or anything but myself. I have been living with myself for over 47 years (now 49) and if I am not an expert on myself by now I never will be. Recently … Read more

Working with Shadow One Step at a Time

The purpose of working with your shadow is to discover what you have buried in your life that is preventing you from being your most authentic and creative self living your soul’s purpose. Empower your waking life and find the gold within the shadow that leads to integration and transformation with these simple steps. Living … Read more

Working With Shadow

Many people hear the term Shadow and either don’t understand or think it is something negative that they just don’t want to deal with. Yes there are things hidden within the Shadow that can be scary, but… and this is a really big but, how scary is your life right now because you don’t want to … Read more

Working with Shadow and the Importance of Play

Just because you are working with shadow does not mean you have to be serious all the time. In fact, play is an important ingredient to working with shadow. Without play you most likely would not allow your creativity to blossom nor would you allow yourself to take risks. Think about when you were a … Read more

Empowering Your Divine Essence Working with Pluto in Retrograde

Actively transforming fears during Pluto in Retrograde can be beneficial to empowering your Divine Essence. Choosing to clear your fears can help you discover your deep passion for life; to reawaken your excitement and joy. Did you know that Pluto went into Retrograde on Saturday, April 9th, 2011 and will be there for the next … Read more

A Shadowy Day

Last night went really well with the Clutterologist. I of course couldn’t stand it and had to clean all day yesterday so the place looked fairly well when she showed up. Exhausted but happy with the outcome I was very much looking forward to my one of two days that I get to have to … Read more

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