Maintaining a Balanced Life filled with Passion and Purpose

If you are living at least a semi-conscious life you are in touch with your feelings enough to know when you are out of balance.  When you are feeling off kilter then that is a pretty good indication that something needs to be cleaned and cleared.  What do I mean by that?  It means that we all have … Read moreMaintaining a Balanced Life filled with Passion and Purpose

Empowering Roots or Toxic Thoughts

As I tried to go to sleep last night this article began playing out in my head. My first thought was toxic roots. I thought what in the world does that mean? Then I received empowering roots or toxic thoughts. Hmmm… okay, your roots are your foundation. Where your thoughts lead bring you either nourishment … Read moreEmpowering Roots or Toxic Thoughts

The Power of Vulnerability and Wholehearted People

This is phenomenal!  Please share this message.  It is so important. This woman does a wonderful job of sharing this information for people to be able to hear it. Live with an open heart, vulnerable and alive. Much love to you all. Share on Tumblr

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