60252_1571326853667_1896928_nAre you ready to take control of your healing journey?


This is your opportunity to learn how to clear what is blocking you and have the breakthrough to live a soulful life.

You will learn how to:


  • Expand your abilities to heal and transform by deeply accessing your intuition in a moments notice
  • Clear feelings of self doubtguilt, and unworthiness that are keeping you from achieving your goals
  • Easily and effectively decrease anxiety, overwhelm and feelings of having to be perfect all the time
  • Create a life of abundance with clarity, strength and determination




InnerSpeak helps you communicate with your inner self/soul to uncover your true self

Communicating with your inner self/soul helps you discover what is stopping you from having the life, relationships, money, and creativity that you deserve.

InnerSpeak goes to the heart of the matter and then you clear feelings of not being good enough, feelings of unworthiness, and self doubt.


Jean Adrienne founder of InnerSpeak says,

InnerSpeak is a tool that gives you the ability to shift your reality by removing the old beliefs, fears, programming and misconceptions that keep you stuck in a place where you have to settle for less than you deserve.



What you will learn and experience: 

1. 7 steps to your personal power that enable you to 
transform and heal creating a life you love!

2. Pituitary and Pineal awakening, connection and expansion that increase your intuition, awareness, and direct line to the Ascended Masters and to the Divine. This allows you to feel more self confident and for you to have the courage to be bold in the work you are doing; letting go of feelings of self doubt and unworthiness.

3. Surrendering to the Process – Fully removes the blinders that are keeping you stuck and unable to see the possibilities available for you to be successful. 

4. InnerSpeak protocol – Basic Kinesiology, trusting your body to know what it needs.

5. Using the InnerSpeak files to gain a deeper understanding of your inner self/soul; what you need to let go of to be able to see what you contracted to do in this life and be able to stay in the present moment.

6. Group Facilitation Experience that will show you how every group that gets together has a past that needs to be cleared.

7. Experiencing multiple dimensions and energy frequencies-Gaining an understanding and feeling of how working with them can help you feel more empowered, independent, increase your self love and feelings of oneness.

8. Understanding the Universal Laws and how working with them can assist in manifesting your dreams and goals creating a deeper passion for living.

9. Working with InnerSpeak for yourself to be the creator and an active participant of your life.

The Wonderful Jean Adrienne created the InnerSpeak process and I infused it with my authentic juiciness. I created an experiential event filled with movement, colorful presentation and meditations that help you absorb the process on all levels.  This helps you to be able to use it in a practical way helping you achieve success in your life.


You won’t experience it in the same way anywhere else.


Fabulous Bonuses:

2 Bonus Implementation Calls (Value $120)

InnerSpeak Process Integration and Implementation for each Participant
  • Making sure you understand the process and how to use it in your life
  • Challenges that came up during your clearings
  • How to hold a field
  • How to pay attention to the energy and how to stay out of the way for spirit to come through
  • How to take the mystery out of the process

Bonus #2 (Value $251):

BOGO – Bring a special person in your life (mother, sister, brother, spouse, or friend) that you would like to share this experience with for free! (Or you can split the tuition which makes it only $125.50 each)

Take Control of Your Healing Process and learn to Lighten Your Load Now!

$251 for this extensive two day journey experience of learning and understanding the InnerSpeak (Level I) process.

Next class, Saturday July 1st, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday July 2nd, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Location, Marietta, Ga. at my home. Address will be disclosed at purchase. Send email after purchase to me at awritersuniverse at gmail dot com and I will send the rest of the info.


Feel free to email with questions. awritersuniverse at gmail dot com

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