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With over 19 years experience in massage, Morgan incorporates just the right mix of Neuromuscular Massage, reflexology, her intuitive skills and a dash of Reiki to help relieve your nagging shoulder and back pain.  She brings her massage table to your home so all you have to think about is, relaxing.

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“Whether working with Morgan during a circle or special event, or availing myself of her amazing bodywork practices, I’m always affirmed by the experience. Plus, she got rid of a life-long KNOT in the top right of my back in 1 session. Presence and integrity in all she does.”

Sherri L. McLendon, Moneta Marketing Mentor, Professional Moneta 


Reiki, Universal/Divine energy, flows through her hands allowing your muscles to relax and receive the most benefits from the massage.

Neuromuscular therapy is a deep tissue, muscle specific massage technique that goes to the root of the problem and pushes the toxic build up right out of your muscles, relieving the pain due to improper posture, repetitive movements (such as working on a computer), previous injuries, stress and sleeping positions.


Kathleen Hanagan“Morgan possesses the great gift as a healer of being able to flow with the feedback from her clients.  Where I had tension in my muscles around an injury, Morgan’s skillful tending allowed my muscles to soften and relax, and a greater range of movement was possible, after only the first session with Morgan.  I had already visited other healers for the same problem with little improvement.  Working with Morgan, I experienced not only her technical skill, but her depth of heart and soul as she connected to my body and soul in our time together.”

Kathleen Hanagan, Relationship Coach and Therapist

The Tuning Fork is incorporated into the massage when needed and helps when points on the body are too tender to work on.  After activating and placing on specific points it gently vibrates down into the muscle/tender point/trigger point to break up the adhesion to allow working with it with much less or no pain.

A therapeutic massage doesn’t have to hurt.


Lisa Michaels


“Morgan’s bodywork is great for helping move blocked energy and helping me to deeply relax.  I can feel the difference in my body immediately. I have so enjoyed my sessions with her!  She’s a treasure. Thanks Morgan.” 

Lisa Michaels, Author, Dancer, Facilitator, Natural Rhythms, Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle

If you have a job with repetitive movement such as, working at a computer, cashier, restaurant server/bartender, a driving job, or a high stress job, Morgan can work out your knots.


Great Massage at affordable prices!

1 hour Massage and Bodywork $75

1 & 1/2 hour Massage and Bodywork $95

2 hours Massage and Bodywork $120

Traveling fee:

Under 20 miles – Free

Between 20 and 30 miles – $5

Between 30 and 40 miles $10

If you live within 40 miles of Marietta, Ga., call or email and make your appointment today. 770-584-2384  or

Current special:

Book your massage before Oct. 11th and receive a 1 & 1/2 hour massage for $65 and no traveling fee.

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