Fear-Why Do We Let it Stop Us?

People are afraid of the past, afraid of the future and completely avoiding the present.  What is so awful about the present that we want to numb ourselves out with everything imaginable that we even invent new ways of doing it? Well isn’t that something… you are being creative even when you are numbing yourself … Read more

Working with Shadow and the Importance of Play

Just because you are working with shadow does not mean you have to be serious all the time. In fact, play is an important ingredient to working with shadow. Without play you most likely would not allow your creativity to blossom nor would you allow yourself to take risks. Think about when you were a … Read more

Changing Your Name – Why I Changed Mine

My mother named me after my Great Aunt and her son, my cousin. Most of my life I thought my name was alright but I didn’t love it. Growing up I was a frightened and shy child that practically screamed out of her pores VICTIM which carried over into my young adulthood. I definitely didn’t … Read more

Blessings of the Heart-Working With Shadow

It is interesting that the more that I do this work, working with shadow, my heart grows.  I find that to be most interesting.  Who would have guessed?  Well maybe some but I never would have.  When you think of shadow you think of the dark places where most people don’t want to go. The places … Read more

Empowering Your Divine Essence Working with Pluto in Retrograde

Actively transforming fears during Pluto in Retrograde can be beneficial to empowering your Divine Essence. Choosing to clear your fears can help you discover your deep passion for life; to reawaken your excitement and joy. Did you know that Pluto went into Retrograde on Saturday, April 9th, 2011 and will be there for the next … Read more

Pluto in Retrograde – Increasing Your Creativity

                                                       Pluto is all about the Underworld and working with shadow and our fears: transforming them to emerge authentically empowered. Working with this shadow timing can greatly increase your creativity. Do you know that Pluto went into Retrograde on Saturday and will be there for the next five and a half months?  You can look at it … Read more

Maintaining a Balanced Life filled with Passion and Purpose

If you are living at least a semi-conscious life you are in touch with your feelings enough to know when you are out of balance.  When you are feeling off kilter then that is a pretty good indication that something needs to be cleaned and cleared.  What do I mean by that?  It means that we all have … Read more

Empowering Roots or Toxic Thoughts

As I tried to go to sleep last night this article began playing out in my head. My first thought was toxic roots. I thought what in the world does that mean? Then I received empowering roots or toxic thoughts. Hmmm… okay, your roots are your foundation. Where your thoughts lead bring you either nourishment … Read more

The Experience-Working With Shadow for Your Success

Working with the Shadow planets you will discover unique tools to uncovering, discovering and clearing all that no longer serves you.  It is such a powerful process that you will immediately notice slight shifts that will gradually move into bigger shifts until you have such a passion for life that you can’t believe that you … Read more

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