Wild Woman Waking – And the Winners Are…

Thirteen days and thirteen Wild Woman Bloggers, all unique and talented participated in the Wild Woman Waking book tour blog hop (including me). For the last two weeks they have shared interviews, reviews and guest posts on their blogs with Tui and I as we shared Wild Woman Waking with the world. It has been … Read more

Wild Woman Waking Interview on Julie Unplugged

Well, today is the final day in the Wild Woman Waking Book Tour Blog hop! I hope you have enjoyed exploring all of the wonderful Wild Woman Bloggers that have shared their blogging homes with us. Each one of them with their own talents and gifts to be explored and lovely bits of gold hidden … Read more

Wild Woman Waking – Changing Your World Through Poetry

Wild Woman Waking has landed here today. This book blog tour has only one more day to go and then we will come back on Monday to share the winners of the rafflecopter. I hope you are enjoying exploring poetry and all of the Wild Woman Bloggers that have participated so far in sharing their … Read more

Wild Woman Waking Interview on Tui Snider’s Offbeat & Overlooked Travel

Wild Woman Waking is bopping along from blogger to blogger and has landed on Tui Snider’s Offbeat & Overlooked Travel! Of course this book wouldn’t even be possible without Tui Snider, writer, photographer, and travel blogger. When I discovered her blog in December of 2011, I found her photography intriguing, her writing entertaining, and I found … Read more

Wild Woman Waking Review on StoryDam

Most of you know that I am team leader over at StoryDam.com. Hopefully you also know that I have a fabulous team that each contribute in their own ways with their own talents. Wild Woman Waking has made its way over to StoryDam and the woman that I am about to introduce is a very … Read more

Wild Woman Waking on Poems by Annis

Dancing along the web, Wild Woman Waking has alighted upon Poems by Annis. A lovely place to sit and read poems of love, encouragement, and poems that could stir you to make a change. Annis is a writer, poet, speaker and coach. Her words gently entice you to see life in a better light, to … Read more

Wild Woman Waking Review on Victoria Adams’ Reading Alcove

Flying through the internet, Wild Woman Waking floats down to Victoria Adams’ Reading Alcove where she and her husband have a library at home of over 2000 books so it is natural for her to want to share her love of books on her blog. She also shares her personal journey through her book, Who … Read more

Wild Woman Waking Review on See Lorca Write

As I was perusing this next blogger’s site, I had to ask myself, “What have I done?” Wild Woman Waking has landed on See Lorca Write today and she, Lorca Damon, bloody well gets right down to it when reviewing books. She calls it like she sees them, says what’s on her mind, and doesn’t … Read more

Wild Woman Waking Review on Beth Camp’s Blog

Poetry has led me to many new friends over the last couple of years and though I care deeply for all of them, Beth Camp has a special place in my heart. She showed up at my blog through OctPoWriMo in 2012 happy to have found an outlet for her passion for poetry. Beth has … Read more

Wild Woman Waking Guest Post on Poetry, Prose, Art, and Creativity

Wild Woman Waking is making its rounds across the web and today we are visiting Amy at Poetry, Prose, Art, and Creativity. The first time I read one of her poems I knew we were soul sisters, and the first time she commented on one of my poems sealed the deal. Or it could have been … Read more

Wild Woman Waking Review on elleroy was here

I feel like I need to say, “How much time do you have?” before I introduce my next Dynamic Blogging Woman. I really am going to have to pick and choose what I talk about because there is  literally so much – I don’t know how she does it all! First and foremost she is … Read more

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