Good for Your Soul – Song and a Prompt

Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons. You will find it is to the soul… Click To Tweet what a water bath is to the body. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes   Bathing in music does sound wonderful, I will have to try this myself and see what a difference it … Read more

Writing Prompts – Writers Are You Able to Connect to Your Muse?

Day 5 of Experience Change and Open to Your Inner Writer. During this past week have you been able to connect in with your muse, your higher self, the Divine? As writers, when we are blocked off from our creative source it makes it more difficult to get our words onto the page. I know that … Read more

Writing Prompts – Where are Your Words Stuck in Your Body?

Today marks the first day of the journey of Experience Change and Open to Your Inner Writer. I know how hard it can be when you have something in your mind to write but you avoid the page and you find anything, and I do mean anything, else to do but put words to the … Read more

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