Photo Prompts to Connect to Your Muse – Day 3

Deep within the cave, mysteries are waiting, shadows add depth to creating. Light and dark dance together with intention, wild writing revolution. ~MDragonwillow Prompt Possibilities: Poetry – mysteries unfolding Memoir – walking through a cave, finding a cave, being trapped in a small space Essay or Prose – wild writing revolution Flash fiction – Oh you … Read more

Photo Prompts to Connect to Your Muse – Day 2

The roots were open and bare for all to see, a place to hide a place to be. Forgotten soil washed away without a trace, truths etched in between time and space. ~MDragonwillow As soon as I looked at this photo, all kinds of things came up for me that I felt I could write … Read more

Get Moving Monday – #NaNoWriMo Break

We are into the sixth day of #NaNoWriMo and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been glued to my laptop. Sometimes even I can forget how important it is to get up and move, let alone eat, sleep, and use the facilities. Shower anyone? Take a break and get moving to start your week … Read more

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