Diving Deep

Everyone loved OctPoWriMo so much that we, the team, decided to create a blog for poetry prompts and challenges to have all year long at Poets on the Page. This week the prompt is Deep and what that means to you whether deep relationships, deep in the whole, or just plain deep. Here is my … Read more

Poetry Day 14 – The Ways Not Clear

  Tick Tock the hickory dock riding along the way in daffodils the ways not clear children run and play   mama’s gone inside her mind never to see again the pain is real the ways not clear blood creates a stain   papa holds a pain stick now or will you choose a book … Read more

Writing Poetry Day 12 and 13 – Passion and Laughter

  Passion primed to see above and below as well as within refusing to be contained in a box molded as other only I can stand on the ground beneath no one in my shoes but little ol’ me making my way out staying true inside while feeling into what is only  me Stand aside … Read more

Writing Poetry Day 7 and 8 – Obsession Friends and Food

Friend, You Were My First Everything I loved about you… we would talk all night giggling when we should be asleep playing all day and riding our bikes laughing and screaming Halloween we were such a fright telling our secrets in each other’s ear crying when things weren’t the way we planned and near to each … Read more

Writing Poetry Day 6 – I Remember Me

  I remember me… loving Charlie brown because I could relate wishing I would disappear father would berate wanting to please with all my heart but always fell too short maybe if I’d been smarter I’d have found a better retort or maybe they’d have noticed something more in me I’d have been stronger and mother’s … Read more

Writing Poetry Day 5 – Crazy

  So you think I’m Crazy… With my loud laughter and wild flare my bold demeanor who am I to dare. So you think I’m Crazy… With my alternative ways caring for animals and earth for my quick tears not wanting to put toxins into the dirt So you think I’m Crazy… that I refuse to … Read more

Writing Poetry Day 4 – Shadow Walking

I dance with shadow daily, more than most. It is deeply entwined in my creative process. Writing, and especially writing poetry, brings the darkness to light. Most often I feel one foot here in this world and one where darkness prevails and light is hard to find. Today’s prompt on OctPoWriMo is Rules and Inspiration. I … Read more

Writing Poetry Day Three – Dancing a Spiraling Weave

  Connecting dancing a spiraling weave the same to me as one surely leads to the other breathing and moving feeling my body mind spirit opening expanding inspiration flows I feel for a moment in time a feeling beyond explanation beyond words I know Ultimate peace transcends the space holding within bringing the flow of words … Read more

Writing Poetry Day Two – Shadows and Light

I enjoyed creating and playing with words to write poetry today. It is fascinating where it leads once it begins. Sometimes it flows quickly, sometimes it sputters, yet it always finds it’s way home. I created two poems this morning that I wish to share. I’m playing with words to discover what lies beneath the … Read more

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